Stairmobil specifically designed to make your work easier



The Stairmobil is equipped with a removable platform, which makes it possible to tailor the platform to an application. Extra advantage: the platform can be removed in order to place tall refrigerators. This setting is only suitable for straight stairs or stairs with a wide bend.

Technical specifications

  • Standard loading platform dimensions: 60 x 38 cm (LxW)
  • Loading platform: straight
  • Suitable for applications like white goods, central heating boilers and heat pumps
  • Maximum load capacity: 140 kg

Accessories and options

Lithium-Ion battery

Transport spoons for transporting high loads

The Stairmobil is standardly equipped with a powerful lead-acid battery, if you want extra capacity it is possible to replace it with a Li-Ion battery.

For the transport of high loads such as refrigerators, simply remove the loading platform from the Stairmobil and unfold the transport spoons. In this setting you can only go up and down straight stairs or stairs with a wide bend.

Transport wheels for outdoor use

Loading platform specific for your transport

In order to drive outside, these set of wheels can be clicked onto the Stairmobil. You easily click them off inside to go up and down the stairs.

Every Stairmobil has a removable loading platform as standard. The loading platform can be easily replaced in case of a different load. For example, use a narrow platform for washing machines and a wider platform for central heating boilers.

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