In the Netherlands, the Stairmobil can climb about 95% of all types of staircases. It has been specially developed for small stairs with a bend or turn. Stairmobil is the only stairclimber that can do this. Even a loft ladder can be climbed with the Stairmobil.

It takes the Stairmobil about 45 seconds to go up on a normal staircase. This can be done quicker by hand of course, but if someone has carried a heavy load upwards, this person will stop to rest. If you compare an experienced Stairmobil user with someone lugging by hand, it will save a few minutes per delivery. The chance that a delivery person will (temporarily) drop out during his career with back problems due to lifting heavy loads, is very high.

The purchase is indeed an investment. Besides the fact that by using the Stairmobil you prevent physical injury and loss of work, with a few deliveries per week the Stairmobil will quickly pay off. Deploying the Stairmobil costs only a few euros per delivery. You can hardly hire an extra delivery person for that amount.

Yes, that’s possible. But you must have gained enough experience and used the Stairmobil dozens of times. In the beginning it takes some time to get used to this new way of working, because you no longer have to lug around and only have to steer and operate a button. In the initial phase it is certainly useful if someone accompanies while delivering. Over time you will know exactly how the Stairmobil works and you can do it alone.

No, in fact, the chance that you damage a staircase with the Stairmobil is much smaller. It is wise to wipe the wheels of the Stairmobil before entering if you have driven on a dirty surface. This is the same as wiping your shoes when you enter someone’s home.

The most convenient would be if your bus is equipped with a tailgate or an elevator. If you do not have one, the Stairmobil can mostly get in and out the bus via the bumper or an extra bracket. You will have to help it a little. However, you never have to lift the Stairmobil in its entirety. We explain this during the training. Loading the Stairmobil is also handled during the training we give.

You can do about 4 deliveries on 1 battery charge. The battery can be recharged in the bus via an inverter. If you have many deliveries on one day it is useful to take a spare battery with you. The price of an extra battery is 160 euros and is easy to replace.

No. This is not possible because only trained people are allowed to use the Stairmobil.

Little maintenance required. Most of our customers do this work themselves. We advise to do maintenance at least once every 2 years and we can provide you with instructions. We also offer maintenance contracts. The contract costs are 250 Euro excluding VAT and transport costs.

This is possible after you or the person who is going to use the Stairmobil has followed a training with us. The costs for a trial period of several weeks are 100 Euro per week. These costs will be deducted from the final purchase price.

Every user of the Stairmobil must be trained by us. At companies where several Stairmobils are used, we can also train certain people in order to instruct others.

That is certainly possible. We have already made many tailor-made solutions for various types of loads. For example, we have made holders for the transport of TV screens, radiators, tile displays, copiers, doors, stretchers, beds and even a timpani for the Gelders orchestra. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities if your load is not listed here.

The warranty period of the Stairmobil is two years (Excluding wear parts such as brake wheels). The battery has a warranty of one year.

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales department, they will be happy to help you.

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