Stairmobil makes lifting unnecessary

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Effortlessly lift up to 140 kg up the stairs

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Stairmobil, for easy lifting

Stairmobil is an essential tool designed for safely transporting heavy equipment or objects over staircases. It can lift loads up to 140 kg. The Stairmobil is particularly suitable for transporting equipment up and down staircases, with or without rotation.

Stairmobil consists of a small motor unit with a carrying platform mounted on it. Thanks to an unique mechanical movement, the Stairmobil can climb up and down almost all types of staircases without damaging the stairs. Even a loft ladder is not an obstacle anymore.

The Stairmobil is the only stairclimber that can climb staircases with a bend or kink. Traditional stairclimbers can only be used on straight stairs.

The use of Stairmobil

With the Stairmobil you can deliver heavy items ALONE. The 1.5 meter is therefore no longer applicable.
Are you going to deliver heavy items such as washing machines? With the Stairmobil you can deliver the heavy items on your own. This means you don’t have to worry about the 1.5 meter distance measure while being in your transport bus as well as during transport of a heavy load.


  • Electrically powered
  • Integrated lift reaches heights up to 1.2 meters
  • Removable carrying platform
  • Various carrying platforms available
  • Maximum load capacity: 140 kg

Stairmobil suitable for your work

Stairmobil is suitable for the transportation of the following applications:

  • dishwashers
  • washing machines
  • dryers
  • refrigerators
  • ovens
  • installations
  • central heating boilers
  • heat pumps
  • other heavy installations

The advantages of the Stairmobil

1 delivery person needed (instead of 2)
Complies with occupational health and safety legislation
Fewer (back) injuries
No fatigue for the delivery person
Delivery by young and old
No more lugging required
3 months payback period

Satisfied users of Stairmobil

”After years of lugging washing machines ourselves, we tacked and purchased the Stairmobil. Now it is an indispensable device in our company.”

Rene ter Schuren
White goods specialist De Munnik Emmeloord

“We bought the first Stairmobil about 10 years ago and have now used it about 3000 times. This costs us about 2 euros per delivery. Before using the Stairmobil, I had been carrying white goods for 17 years, but I certainly wouldn’t have kept that up with my back. We use the Stairmobil daily and can serve 95% of our customers. Recently we purchased a second Stairmobil because it contains a lift that lifts up to 1.2 meters. Very useful for stacking white goods appliances.“

Kees Wolthaus
Wolthaus White goods

“I work alone and it is very inconvenient to constantly ask people if they can help lugging. With the Stairmobil I am completely independent, it really is “my buddy”.

Chris Hardendood
Hardendood Witgoed

“We now have 10 Stairmobils in use. To our full satisfaction, our people cannot work a day without them and they no longer have to carry heavy loads. Perfect device and service.”

Transport company Vonk en Co bv from Tiel

“We now have 2 Stairmobils in use that are used by different people. In the beginning it takes time to learn how to work with it, but after some time practicing and trying it is an indispensable device.”

Alex van de Waswacht

“With a modern company like ours, you also have to take good care of the people who work for you. The Stairmobil makes a perfect contribution to this. Our people enjoy working and are not unnecessarily physically burdened during their work.”

Michel Slagwijn
EP Swaak Leiden

“We think it is irresponsible to let our deliverers lug day in and day out with white goods. After good training and guidance from Stairmobil, we started with 1 Stairmobil. We have now bought 4 and our experienced delivery staff can deliver on their own. By using the Stairmobil they can do this otherwise hard work with pleasure and continue to do so.”

Mourad El Haddouti

“We purchased the Stairmobil in November 2019. After a perfect training from Wim van den Broek, we started working with it ourselves. It took some time to get used to it at the beginning, but after 15 uses, we are completely convinced of the Stairmobil: a great device!”

Antoine Huiberts
Expert Breezand

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