How does the Stairmobil work?

Below you find an explanation of the Stairmobil in 8 steps. If you have any further questions, please visit our frequently asked questions page. You can also contact us, we are pleased to tell you more about the Stairmobil.

Stairmobil in 8 stappen - stap 1


The electric stair climber
Suitable for loads up to 140 kg and equipped with a powerful compact motor unit. With its width of only 365 mm and wheels of 200 mm, it is possible to transport heavy goods on narrow turned stairs.

Stairmobil in 8 stappen - stap 2


The Stairmobil climbs up and down steps with a height of up to 220 mm with ease. The automatic wheel brakes on all wheels ensure safe transport over the stairs. Bump rubbers on the motor unit prevent damage to the steps.

Stairmobil in 8 stappen - stap 3


Control panel and handles
The digital control panel is conveniently located and easy to operate. It displays the travel direction and shows the level of battery charge.
Adjustable climb and descend rate from 6 to 16 steps per minute. Ergonomically designed and closed handles to prevent accidental slipping.

Stairmobil in 8 stappen - stap 4


The battery pack
Energy saving due to the automatic switch-off of the electronics after 5 minutes of non-use. The replaceable battery can be clicked out and into the motor unit easily and can be charged with a 220V wall socket. A 12V car charger is also available.


For all types of staircases
The Stairmobil is specially designed for the transportation of goods on narrow (turned) stairs. The transport over a large staircase is also possible of course.

Stairmobil in 8 stappen - stap 6


On loft ladder
Due to the compact dimensions of the motor unit and the wheels, the Stairmobil is also suitable for transporting goods on a loft ladder.

Stairmobil in 8 stappen - stap 7


Loading / unloading a device
The platform of the Stairmobil can be lowered to the floor which makes it easy to load and unload. The load is secured to the load platform by means of a lashing strap.

Stairmobil in 8 stappen - stap 8


Lift system (boiler or dryer at height)
By means of an integrated lift system, a boiler can be mounted and dismounted on the wall at the desired height, up to 120 cm.

The lift can also be used to place or remove other devices such as built-in (combi) microwave, tumble dryer, central heating boiler, etc.

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