Stairmobil, makes lifting unnecessary!

Stairmobil is an indispensable tool for safely transporting heavy equipment or objects (loads up to 140 kg) over staircases. Stairmobil is particularly suitable for transporting heavy equipment up and down stairs, with or without a turn. This improves the working conditions of you and/or your employees. Back and muscle complaints due to heavy lifting are a thing of the past with the Stairmobil.

What is Stairmobil?

With the battery-powered Stairmobil you can lift heavy appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers, refrigerators, boilers and heat pumps up to a weight of 140 kg safely and quickly up and down (turned) staircases. The Stairmobil has a compact motor unit with a carrying platform mounted on it.

The carrying platform can be lowered to the floor easily by means of the winch system. After this, the load can be placed on the platform. Simply lift the platform with load upwards with the handwinch and go up and down the stairs safely. It is possible to lift the platform up to 1.2 meters, which makes it easy to place built-in appliances on it.

User and maintenance friendly

Stairmobil, which lifts or lowers the heavy load, can be operated by only one person. The four separate Stairmobil transport wheels are equipped with automatic brakes, which ensure that the Stairmobil cannot roll down the steps when loaded.

This prevents damage to goods, walls and stairs. With Stairmobil you can drive over all types of floor covering. The risk of damage to the stair is practically excluded, because Stairmobil climbs on the steps and does not roll over the steps.

Stairmobil is very easy to maintain. With normal use, one maintenance per year is sufficient. The brakes, drive chain and winch system need to be checked and adjusted and if necessary, replaced.

Stairmobil trap op
Stairmobil airco
Stairmobil trap af
Stairmobil magnetron

The advantages of Stairmobil

  • In almost all cases, the user can transport the goods over a staircase by himself. He only needs to steer and correct.
  • Stairmobil does the heavy lifting and thus spares the user’s back, arms and legs.
  • Absenteeism decreases which results in reduced health costs

Hundreds of companies such as transport and installation companies, white goods shops, etc. use Stairmobil to their full satisfaction. BGZ Road Transport has awarded Stairmobil with the label ARBO-TIP and included it in their ARBO-TIP list.

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