Delivery of white goods:

The transport of white goods, for example, can be carried out by one delivery person. If there are two deliverers present, one person can remove the old machine from its place and prepare it for transport while the other person goes up the stairs with the new machine. At the upper floor, the machines are exchanged and one person drives down the old machine and places it in the bus, while the other person installs the new machine.

Placing or changing a boiler by one engineer:

The heating engineer places his boxes with tools and various couplings and accessories on the platform of the Stairmobil and drives it up.

He disconnects the old boiler from the pipes and brings the plateau to the correct height in order to remove the boiler from its place. The boiler gets lifted from its suspension by using the winch system.

The engineer brings the old boiler down to the bus and brings the new boiler up and raises it to mounting height by use of the winch system.

When the installation is complete, the tool boxes etc. can be lowered again with the Stairmobil.

This means you don’t have to wait for a colleague to help carry the boilers.

Using the Stairmobil, one engineer can change an average of two boilers per day.

In the usual way of working with 2 engineers, an average of one and a half boiler is exchanged per day per engineer.

Stairmobil airco

When an employee gets injured due to heavy lugging work, it can take a long time before they can start working again. An engineer prefers to works with professional and ergonomic tools, that is his profession. He is usually not trained for lugging, with all the associated risks.

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